Light Painting: Performing Everyday Movements 9-12

In this lesson, high school students perform everyday movements while wearing LED light bracelets on their wrists and ankles. Their motion is recorded through long exposure photography, which, when combined with light painting, can reveal subtleties in human movements too fast or complex for the naked eye to discern. The above image is a student … Continue reading

Inflatable Sculptures 9-12

It looks like a pile of trash until you turn on a fan. In this lesson, high school students break into groups and create an inflatable creature using garbage bags and tape. This process requires trial, error, and revision. After attaching them to a fan, these kinetic sculptures inflate and deflate, constantly moving and changing … Continue reading

Muppet Puppets: The Children’s Bill of Rights 2-3

On Sesame Street, adults use Jim Henson’s muppet puppets to teach pre-kindergarteners their ABCs and 123s. In this lesson, second graders will make muppet puppets to teach adults about the Children’s Bill of Rights – specifically, how to keep kids healthy and happy. Students will break into pairs to write their scripts, then each will … Continue reading